0001The Company, Firma BESTA Skepe, was founded on November 15, 1994, by a single working individual. Its initial goal was to produce spare parts for agricultural machinery for individual orders of local farmers and users. Production was mainly based on few machines used for machining. Over the years, as the needs in this area grew, the company decided to expand its facility and extend its manufacturing capabilities. At the same time, the company has been working closely with the BISON Ltd. Plant in Plock, manufacturing components for the initial assembly of combine harvesters. During the time when the BISON plant transformed itself into New Holland, and later on into CNHI Poland, Firma Besta continued to further extend the scope of its production capabilities in order to meet the growing requirements and needs of the Plock plant, which, in time, became its biggest customer.
During this period, in addition to machining, Firma Besta has developed the following processes:
- forging,
- heat treatment,
- welding.0002
With this transformation Firma Besta began delivering initial assembly parts for combine harvesters, balers, and corn adapters.
In addition to manufacturing and supplying initial assembly parts to CNHI Poland, Firma Besta also provides service in the following areas: turning, trimming, milling, grinding, metal burning, sheet metal bending, heat treatment, as well as production of welded structures.
The company has been certified, since 2004, by the TÜV NORD Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001.
All production and manufacturing takes place in modern and spacious workrooms with a total surface area of 3300 m2.
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